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Almost everyone knows someone—a friend or a family member—who has been through a divorce.  Divorces often are emotionally and financially trying.  Sometimes, it is helpful to know a little bit about the legal process, which is what this article is about.  Every situation is unique.  Be sure to use the approach that fits you. 

Whether you are deciding if you need an attorney or you are trying to avoid common mistakes, the following information will help make your decisions about divorce a little easier.

The Divorce Process: What to expect


It is extremely important that a Judgment’s contents be well thought out, with specific, clear and complete language.  Often, parties without attorneys do their best to phrase the Judgment, but only later when problems arise, do they realize that the language in the Judgment is ambiguous, inconsistent or vague.  Such Judgments are sometimes unenforceable because judges may use only the words in the Judgment to interpret it.


Leigh A. Kretzschmar is an experienced and qualified attorney who has drafted hundreds of Judgments containing the details necessary to clearly set forth the intended division of assets and debts, the resolution of complex property issues, spousal and child support, and child custody issues.


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