Bankruptcy Overview

Chula Vista Bankruptcy Law Firm

Bankruptcy Law Firm, Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C., has experience with bankruptcies for individuals. Choosing Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. for your bankruptcy needs will ensure that:

  1. You will understand the bankruptcy process and how it can help you.
  2. You select the most suitable type of bankruptcy for your situation.
  3. Your bankruptcy claim gets filed as quickly as possible.
  4. All documents required by the court are provided in a timely manner
  5. You do not miss essential court dates.
  6. You discharge as much debt as possible.
  7. You’re protected from being harassed by collection agencies and creditors.
  8. You receive expert post-bankruptcy financial guidance.

Bankruptcy Solutions for a Quick Recovery

Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. is your go-to bankruptcy lawyer in Chula Vista.  You will understand how bankruptcy can get your finances back on track. Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. will assess your current financial situation, gather all necessary documents, file them on time, and communicate with your trustee and creditors. Your creditors from harassing you and provide legal representation in court.  We will navigate the complex waters of bankruptcy and help you gain your financial “fresh start”.

Bankruptcy May Help Stop:


 We May Be Able to Help You Keep Your:

  • CASH
  • CARS
  • HOME

What are the different types of bankruptcies?

Under the United States Bankruptcy Code, there are several bankruptcy chapters. The best chapter for your situation depends on your income, property you own, the total debt owed, and financial needs. Our debt relief office will provide you with the necessary information on the types of bankruptcies you can file.

Options for individuals include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

Chapter 7

In cases where an individual has a high amount of consumer (credit card) debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right option.  Chapter 7 bankruptcies make up most of all cases filed.  With this solution, all outstanding debts are discharged (canceled) if you qualify.  As soon as you file and give notice to creditors, all attempts to collect debts must stop.  Creditors risk significant consequences for violating the rules on collections after a bankruptcy is filed.

Chapter 13

For individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7, the right option may be to file for Chapter 13.  This type of bankruptcy allows you to re-organize your debts, enter into a payment plan for a set period of time, after which the rest of the debts are discharged (canceled).  If your assets are worth less than the total remaining payments, Chapter 13 can be a solution to reduce expenses and avoid foreclosure or repossession of your property.

Get Started Towards Your “Fresh Start”

Having an expert bankruptcy attorney to explain and help you go through the process is essential.  Otherwise, you may lose property or not qualify for a particular type of bankruptcy. Leave the complex legal analysis to a professional – Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. You can count on Leigh A. Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. and our skilled team to help you get out of debt to move forward with your fresh start.  We offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation, ensuring you suffer no additional financial risk.  During the in-person meeting, you will learn your options and formulate a plan to eliminate your debt.

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