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The Chula Vista law practice of Leigh A. Kretzschmar focuses on the marriage disputes and the needs of family law clients.  In addition to issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support, for married and non-married couples alike, Leigh A. Kretzschmar also offers comprehensive services in adoption and co-parenting arrangements.   

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Leigh A. Kretzschmar

As an attorney with nearly 25 years of experience, Leigh A. Kretzschmar understands her clients.  Clients facing divorce or starting a family are embarking on a future different from one they might have imagined just a short time ago. Families with children who have special education needs, including ADD/ADHD, often do not understand the process, jargon, and resources available for their children.

Because such significant transitions include financial, as well as emotional concerns, Leigh A. Kretzschmar pays careful attention to her client’s individual needs. Leigh A. Kretzschmar works diligently to keep stress and legal costs to a minimum by involving her clients in decisions about their cases and keeping them informed during each step of a particular legal matter.

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What Clients Are Saying

Leigh is an amazing attorney! I've saught out help from her twice and in both cases, the other side thought they had the upper hand until the heard from Leigh. She is extremely compassionate when she discusses your case, and sets you at ease. She knows the law like the back of her hand and is swift in the direction she takes to provide the best outcome for her clients. Her reputation is also appreciated and respected in the courts as she works with the judicial system. You will not regret selecting Leigh as your attorney, and I now consider her a friend.

M. B.

Ms. Leigh Kretzschmar was my attorney of choice for the dissolution of my domestic partner after interviewing 4 other possibilities. I found her very professional. Ms. Kretzschmar listened carefully to my very complicated situation, all questions, and my concerns. 
Leigh returned my calls and emails promptly with as much info/ detail as I needed.  She also sent recaps of our discussions and reported meetings she had with other attorneys (of which there were many) and court-related info. to me. Ms. Kretzschmar was very respectful of my input and suggestions regarding this case and I felt very confident she had my best interest in mind. I would recommend Ms. Kretzschmar to anyone considering legal representation or advice.

C. T.

Thank you Leigh for all the time you invested to help me with my legal matter. I will send a check to you for the fabulous job you did. I feel you are the best at what you do. Thank you so much Leigh!

A. B.

With thanksgiving I write this note to all who have contributed to my family's growth and success. You have impacted our lives forever. I will make you all proud one day. Thank you for all you gave and may your gifts be returned to you. Forever thankful! 

A. B.

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all of your legal help and advice. Hope you aren't crazy busy at work, but I suppose that's good, keeps you in business. Thank you again, take care! 

N. X.

We can't thank you enough for helping us with our son's adoption. It has certainly been a challenging 4-year journey and we couldn't be happier that it's finally come to an end we have hoped for. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Beyond grateful!

R. L.

C. and I cannot thank you enough for meeting with daughter in-law. Whatever you said or did, it was just right. You are great! 

S. S.

Thank you for all of your advice and assistance. 

S. G.

Our Firm is Dedicated Solely to the Practice of Family Law

Leigh A. Kretzschmar has a reputation for her accessibility and is known by her clients to be a competent, strong and knowledgeable advocate who cares about her clients. She is sensitive to the diverse needs and concerns of her clients and offers affordable solutions tailored to each individual situation. To schedule your initial consultation, contact Leigh A. Kretzschmar at (619) 231-9323.  Appointments may be conducted in person in Chula Vista, California or by telephone for clients outside the Chula Vista area.

Common Mistakes

Because divorce can be an emotional, difficult and uncomfortable transition, many people make mistakes which affect their rights.  Avoiding such mistakes is imperative to a successful outcome.  

Two of the most common mistakes people make are:

Choosing What Facts NOT to Tell Your Attorney. Clients often hesitate to tell their attorney facts the client believes will be harmful to his or her case.  Sometimes, these facts are not as harmful to the client as the client had feared; other times, the facts are not legally relevant and will not be considered by the court.  It is essential that your attorney have all the available information available so she can more effectively represent you.  The bottom line is that Leigh A. Kretzschmar maintains a strict confidentiality policy based on attorney-client privilege, allowing you to talk freely so that she can completely assess, prepare your case for hearing, settlement or trial, minimizing delicate areas and emphasizing the strengths of your case.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Consult with An Attorney. Scheduling a consultation with an attorney as soon as you think you MIGHT need an attorney is critical to the successful resolution of your legal matter.  While you have no obligation to hire the attorney, Leigh A. Kretzschmar will suggest alternatives to litigation to help you resolve your legal disputes in a cost-effective manner.  For less complicated and uncontested family law matters, these alternatives include mediation or self-help law books. 

What Leigh A. Kretzschmar Can Do For You

Most clients express a concern about the uncertainty that divorce brings for themselves and for their children. Leigh A. Kretzschmar understands that you may be anxious about the new road ahead and it is with this in mind that she works diligently to make you more comfortable and your divorce as easy as possible.  You will find that Leigh A. Kretzschmar is accessible.  She is dedicated to keeping you informed as to how your divorce is proceeding with a focus on helping you complete your divorce in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

To schedule your initial consultation, contact Leigh A. Kretzschmar at (619) 231-9323.  Appointments may be conducted in person in Chula Vista, CA; or, by telephone for clients outside of Chula Vista, California. To receive your free report on preparing for a divorce, complete the Information Request Form below.

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