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Protecting What Matters Most

You might not want to try to manage your legal issue on your own if it is complicated or expensive. After all, attorneys do more than just provide clients with legal advice. They provide tactical guidance and use cutting-edge technical expertise to solve legal issues. Ideally, you should hire a knowledgeable and astute attorney to help you navigate the challenging legal system. If you need an attorney in Cypress, CA then make sure to contact Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C. We have the best Cypress California family lawyers.

About Us

Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C is one of the leading companies in Cypress, CA providing the best family law attorney Cypress CA and bankruptcy attorney. We provide the best family law attorney services. Our divorce attorney Chula vista handles your family conflict swiftly and effectively since we understand how sensitive these arguments can be.

Our best family lawyers in Cypress, CA are fully knowledgeable of the most recent changes and improvements to the field of family law. In cases like bankruptcy, we also have skilled lawyers. All of our attorneys work hard to deliver the best services; they are all qualified and experienced.

Services We Provide In Cypress, CA

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Family Law

Our family lawyer can help you with matters related to family law in Cypress like Divorce and Child Custody Matters. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and are devoted to upholding their rights and interests. We try to complete the duties at hand in the order of importance because we understand how precious family is. The Family Law Cypress CA can provide you with the support, care, and assistance you need to make the necessary changes.


At Kretzschmar, Attorney at Law, P.C we provide every client with realistic solutions to their financial hardships. With the assistance of our Cypress bankruptcy attorney, clients can stop wage garnishment, pay off credit card or medical debts, and shield all future income from creditors' claims. Request a free consultation with our Cypress, CA, bankruptcy lawyer. Let us use our extensive experience to your advantage.

How Our Service Works

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If you need a Cypress divorce attorney or bankruptcy attorney in Cypress, CA then give us a call. And talk to one of our professionals to schedule a consultation.


In this step, you can discuss your matter thoroughly with our professional consultation team. They will access your case to understand it completely.

Best Attorney Services

Once everything is decided with your bankruptcy or divorce attorney Cypress CA you will be able to receive our law services. Our attorneys will make sure to achieve nothing but success in your case.

Live a Hassle-Free Life

After availing of our services you will be able to live in peace without having to deal with any legal matters as our attorneys will deal with them all for you.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us if you need the best attorney in Cypress, CA and enjoy the following benefits,


Our family law attorney Cypress CA has experience working as in-house and general counsel for major corporations as well as for sizable law firms. Because of the depth and breadth of our experience, we can expertly lead clients through any situation.


We provide value by utilizing the best technology, including the most recent document management software to enable smooth collaboration among our attorneys, and by keeping our overhead low. These savings are transferred to our customers.

Practical approach

We are aware that our clients require legal representation that is pragmatic and focused on their problems. In addition to offering our clients strategic and useful guidance, our Cypress California divorce lawyers also come up with original solutions to better achieve their goals.


Our Cypress, CA attorneys are client-focused and dedicated to giving each of our customers the individualized attention they need. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we consistently surpass the deadlines and expectations of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire divorce process, from submitting the divorce petition to finalizing the verdict, usually takes 12 months. The typical duration is roughly 18 months if the case proceeds to trial. Our divorce lawyers Cypress will make sure to handle the case carefully.

If you and your partner are still unable to come to an agreement, one of you must file a family law lawsuit. A family court uses family law statutes and procedures to issue decisions. Then our Cypress divorce lawyer can help you if you want separation.

No matter what type of legal issue you are facing, a family lawyer will fight for your rights. A family lawyer’s guiding philosophy is to protect the interests of the party or parties they are representing.

A bankruptcy filing can be costly. The average filing fee and other associated expenditures for submitting a bankruptcy petition are between $300 and $400. Make sure you select the best lawyer to assist you in winning your case.

From the time the case is filed until it is closed, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will take between 4 and 6 months. A Chapter 13 case normally lasts between 36 and 60 months from the filing date. Our Cypress bankruptcy lawyer will guide you in more detail about the process.




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