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Child support in California allows the child a similar standard of living in each parent’s household. To accomplish this, California has established a standard formula which all courts are required to use in the calculation of “guideline” child support. Because the courts are required to use the formula each time support is calculated, child support orders are consistent for families in similar financial circumstances.There are many factors used in the California child support formula, which results in “guideline” child support, including (but by no means limited to) each parent’s gross income, the parenting schedule, federal and state tax obligations and deductions, health insurance costs and mandatory retirement savings contributions. The courts, and attorneys, input these various factors into standardized computer programs, which then compute the “guideline” child support.

Leigh A. Kretzschmar has found, over the past 20 years of practice in this area, that her clients are most surprised by the fact that living expenses and debts are not included in the formula or to calculate child support. This fact can cause great hardship for one or both parents; and, no matter how severe the consequences, the courts are not allowed to deviate from the guideline amount in order to consider these circumstances.

After the child support amount is calculated, it becomes part of a court order. In most cases, child support is paid through a wage assignment order.  This order directs the payor’s employer to deduct the support from his or her paycheck, send it to the California State Disbursement Unit, which distributes the funds to the receiving parent.

You may use the California Guideline Child Support Calculator to estimate support. However, by meeting with Leigh A. Kretzschmar, you will learn how to properly input each “guideline” formula factor and what you can do to help assure the best outcome for you.

What Leigh A. Kretzschmar Can Do For You

  • Calculate your child support.
  • Understand how child support is calculated.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Enforce child support orders.
  • Update a child support order to reflect new circumstances.

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