San Diego Special Education  Advocate

Congratulations on seeking information and advice to improve your special needs child’s educational experience!

As a Special Education Advocate, Leigh A. Kretzschmar assists parents and caretakers of special needs children.  These families are faced with a myriad of Federal and State laws and regulations, reduced to a barely understandable set of acronyms and abbreviations.  Additionally, there are a series of procedures set up by these laws, with local schools often adding another layer of procedural requirements.

Frustrated?  Uncertain as to what to do next?  Intimidated?  Rightfully so.  Many parents become convinced that the procedures are designed to discourage parents from exercising their rights to advance their child’s right to a free and appropriate education.  By increasing your knowledge and comfort level with the acronyms, procedures and other aspects of assessments for special needs children, your child will soon be receiving in the education to which he or she is entitled.

What difference will an educational advocate make?  The answer lies in Leigh A. Kretzschmar’s unique background.

  • As a parent of a special needs child, Leigh A. Kretzschmar understands your concerns and frustrations, as you face unfamiliar terminology and complicated procedures while trying to advance your child’s needs in education.
  • An undergraduate degree in Education prepared Leigh A. Kretzschmar to work effectively with school personnel.
  • With nearly 20 years of experience as an attorney, Leigh A. Kretzschmar understands how to use Federal and State laws and regulations to address your child’s unique needs; to increase the school’s accountability in its responsibilities to your child; and, to enforce your child’s right to a free and appropriate education.

Time is precious!

Contact Leigh A. Kretzschmar by calling (619) 231-9323 or completing the Contact Form.

In-person Appointments:  clients located within in San Diego, CA, La Mesa,CA, National City, CA, Chula Vista, CA, El Cajon, CA, Tierrasanta, CA, Santee, CA, Ramona, CA and surrounding areas.

Telephone appointments:  clients outside of the County of San Diego, California.

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